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Seasonal and Environmental Allergies Can Leave You Feeling Miserable!

Just about everyone in Southern Louisiana loves the outdoors. But when the outdoors is in bloom, allergy sufferers might be more interested in staying inside to avoid dust, and tree or grass pollen. But even indoors, there’s no escaping dust mites, pet dander and mold.

Relief for Louisiana Allergy Sufferers
Allergens are Everywhere - Get Effective Relief!

Allergy Symptoms

Sneezing, congestion, a stuffy nose and irritated eyes. Red, itchy, irritated skin. Difficulty breathing. Exhaustion and fatigue. These are just some of the miserable symptoms that affect allergy sufferers.

Allergic Reaction

The body’s immune system sometimes mistakes a harmless foreign substance (such as dust or pollen) as being harmful. When this happens, the immune system produces antibodies for protection, which leads to all of the miserable symptoms which allergy sufferers experience.

Precise Professional Allergy Testing

Our team of professional allergy specialists will perform precise allergy testing to identify the cause of your allergic reaction. Many allergy sufferers are vulnerable to more than one allergen. Once the allergens have been identified, the team of allergy care specialists will develop your individual treatment strategy. Our professional allergy care team will advise you on all treatment options available to achieve allergy relief. Treatment may include allergy shots or sublingual allergy drops.

Immunotherapy Allergy Treatment

Immunotherapy treatment involves exposing allergy sufferers to small amounts of the substance affecting them. Over time, the body becomes tolerant, and symptoms are relieved. Allergy treatment may be given via an injection administered in our offices.

Allergy Drops: Convenient Relief for Kids and Adults

Sublingual allergy drops are another way to administer allergy immunotherapy. Allergy drops are given under the tongue using a dropper to treat allergies due to tree or grass pollens, molds, dust mites or pet dander.

Allergy drops are taken conveniently at home. Allergy sufferers enjoy effective treatment and benefits:

  • Fewer doctor visits
  • Less time away from work or school
  • No pain from a shot
  • Convenience for busy lifestyles
  • Low occurrence of side effects
Relief for Louisiana Allergy Sufferers

Exceptional Allergy Relief for Louisiana Allergy Sufferers

Are you ready to achieve real, effective allergy relief? Contact Noel ENT Clinic to learn more about allergy care treatment in Lafayette and Abbeville.

Clinically-Proven Allergy Treatment

Sublingual allergy drop treatment has a low occurrence of side effects, which are generally mild in nature. Allergy drops are safe for use by asthmatic patients.

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Courteous & Friendly Staff

"My experience was good, as always. Courteous and friendly staff. Dr. Noel has been treating me for the past year and always takes his time and shows genuine concern." - G. Norwood

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Office Staff is Wonderful!

"Dr. Noel has a great bedside manner, is very good with children and his office staff is wonderful!" - Anonymous

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Amazing Physician

"Dr. Noel is an amazing physician with some of the best nurses and office staff!" - M. David

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