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Sleep Testing

Noel ENT’s Sleep Center

If you fear that you’re suffering from a sleep disorder such as sleep apnea, Noel ENT can perform a sleep study in our luxurious sleep center or your own home. A sleep study will allow us to properly diagnose you so that we can begin the process of developing a unique treatment plan.

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Sleep Testing at Noel ENT

At Noel ENT, we can perform a sleep test in your home or our luxurious sleep center.

In-Home Sleep Testing

If you have a fear that doing a sleep test in our sleep center will be difficult then an in-home sleep test is right for you. An in-home sleep test can be more convenient, less expensive, and allow the patient to feel more comfortable.

Sleep Testing in Our Sleep Center

While an in-home sleep test may be the more convenient and best option for most people, some people may require an in-sleep center test. Having a sleep test in the sleep center will allow us to avoid false negatives and identify limb movement (restless leg syndrome).

About Our Sleep Center and Staff

Our sleep care staff is dedicated to making your experience pleasant and stress-free. Our sleep testing patients can look forward to a beautiful, quiet atmosphere in each of our four sleep study bedrooms. Each room is elegantly decorated to resemble a luxury hotel suite rather than a medical facility, furnished with queen-sized beds, flat-screen cable-equipped TVs, WiFi, and tower fans. The ambiance of each room is conducive to helping you relax and sleep as well as possible.

Sleep Apnea and snoring
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Your Snoring May Be Impacting You More Than You Know

If you think that you are suffering from any of the symptoms of snoring or know that you do snore, take our sleeping quiz to see how snoring is truly impacting your life.

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A Lifetime of Better Sleep and Better Health

Our dedicated sleep care team can test and treat sleeping disorders. A simple, overnight test performed in a comfortable, homelike environment can determine if you or your loved one has Obstructive Sleep Apnea and would benefit from treatment. OSA can be treated effectively with an appliance called CPAP that gently splints the airway open with positive airflow. Surgery or an oral appliance may also be the appropriate treatment.

It’s important to understand that an overnight sleep study is nothing to worry about. This painless process will help to determine if you have a sleep disorder. For the short inconvenience of the study, we can identify your exact symptoms and treatment options to help you achieve a lifetime of better sleep, better health, and improved quality of life.

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