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How Bad Are Your Sinuses?

N.O.S.E. Score Test

Please help us better understand the impact of nasal obstruction on your quality of life by completing the survey below.

Over the past 4 weeks, how much of a problem were the following symptoms for you?

Please mark the most correct response

0 - Not a problem.
Not a Problem
1 - Very mild problem
Very Mild Problem
2 - Moderate Problem
Moderate Problem
3 - Fairly bad problem
Fairly Bad Problem
4 - Severe problem
Severe Problem
1. Nasal Congestion or Stuffiness
2. Nasal Blockage or Obstruction
3. Trouble Breathing Through My Nose
4. Trouble Sleeping
5. Unable to Get Enough Air Through My Nose During Exercise or Exertion
0 points
(5 questions left)
No Problem
What Does My N.O.S.E. Score Mean?

Significant and Severe Obstruction my indicate a narrow nasal valve.

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