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University-Quality Ear Nose and Throat Specialty Care

Ear Nose and Throat Care at Noel ENT Clinic

Some of our treatment methods for dizziness include:

Mastoidectomy – Reestablish proper ventilation in chronic ear infection sufferers.

Tympanoplasty – Repair damaged/perforated eardrum.

Canalith Repositioning Treatment – Painless, non-surgical treatment for vertigo and dizziness

Videonystagmography – Infrared digital video cameras observe eye movement abnormality to help treat dizziness and imbalance.

Ear Nose and Throat Specialty Care in Lafayette and Abbeville

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Courteous & Friendly Staff

"My experience was good, as always. Courteous and friendly staff. Dr. Noel has been treating me for the past year and always takes his time and shows genuine concern." - G. Norwood

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Office Staff is Wonderful!

"Dr. Noel has a great bedside manner, is very good with children and his office staff is wonderful!" - Anonymous

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Amazing Physician

"Dr. Noel is an amazing physician with some of the best nurses and office staff!" - M. David

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