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RhinAer™ Chronic Rhinitis Treatment

Are tissues, sprays, and medications failing to bring you relief? Stop your suffering!

When a seemingly minor health issue continues to wreak havoc on your health and happiness, it goes from an acute condition to chronic. Has your runny nose affected more than just your breathing? Have you gone through boxes of tissues, countless nasal sprays, and medications with side effects?

Millions of Americans are living in pain and discomfort from chronic rhinitis (1), are you?

You are not alone in your suffering, and you have options for relief here at Noel ENT.

Noel ENT treats chronic rhinitis sufferers in Lafayette, Abbeville, and nearby areas in southern Louisiana. We strive to bring lasting relief to patients, but you have to take the first step.

Schedule your appointment today to discuss how the RhinAer™ procedure can reduce your inflammation and bring your chronic runny nose to a pleasant, satisfying halt.

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woman suffering from Chronic rhinitis

What is chronic rhinitis?

Rhinitis is irritation and swelling inside the mucous membrane in your nose. Chronic rhinitis is present when the lining of your nose is inflamed, causing a runny nose and other symptoms, for more than four weeks.

Common symptoms of chronic rhinitis include a runny nose, itching, sneezing, and post-nasal drip. Causes of chronic rhinitis include allergic and non-allergic triggers, from mold and ragweed (allergens) to pregnancy and cleaning products(non-allergens). These triggers signal to your mucous membrane to produce mucus, which causes your nose to be stuffed and run.

Learn more about chronic rhinitis and how to know if you have it here.
woman suffering from Chronic rhinitis

What is RhinAer™ chronic rhinitis treatment?

The RhinAer™ procedure was designed to provide long-term relief from chronic rhinitis. RhinAer™, an FDA-cleared procedure, is minimally invasive, meaning that you can avoid surgery and still receive optimal results.

How RhinAer™ can work for you.

RhinAer™ uses RF (radio frequency) technology to breach your nasal tissue lining and shift the function of your posterior nasal nerve. The posterior nasal nerve contains glands that produce mucus, and when triggered by the cause of your chronic rhinitis, can produce constant mucus that results in congestion, runniness, and additional symptoms.

During the RhinAer™ procedure, the nasal tissue lining is not cut and is only minimally disrupted to prevent the problematic symptoms that come with an excess of mucus being produced. The amount of mucus generated in your nose is reduced, leading to less drainage and congestion, and potentially leading to significant relief.

For additional information on the RhinAer™ procedure, including what you can expect, potential risks, and all the possible benefits

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What will life be like after receiving the RhinAer™ procedure to treat your chronic rhinitis?

We know that finding an effective treatment for this challenging condition can be frustrating. There is no amount of tissues, medications, and sprays that provide longstanding comfort from chronic rhinitis.

Have you been dreaming about life after chronic rhinitis is behind you? You no longer have to dream about it.

RhinAer™ has the power to allow you to breathe free and clear of non-stop runny noses.

Benefits of choosing the RhinAer™ procedure include:

  • Long-term relief
  • Alleviation from constant runny noses
  • Reduction in post-nasal drip
  • A decrease in chronic coughing
  • A non-surgical solution
  • Treatment in the comfort of your doctor’s office
  • Potential improvement in the quality of your life
  • Quick return to normal activities

Find Relief with RhinAer™ from Noel ENT

According to a study on the success of the RhinAer™ procedure in treating chronic rhinitis, 96% of patients reported an improvement in their symptoms (1). Patients also said that their symptoms improved by an average of 61%!  

Noel ENT specializes in treating ear, nose, and throat conditions, including chronic rhinitis. Are you ready to discuss the benefits of receiving the RhinAer™ procedure, avoid surgery, and escape the pain of continuing to suffer from non-stop congestion and runny noses?

Take your first step towards relief today!

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