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Sinus Pain

Sinus Pain? Swelling? Congestion? Take the Sinus Quiz now to learn more about your level of sinus symptoms.

Sinus Aching, Swelling, Congestion and Pressure

Is There Any Relief from Chronic Sinus Symptoms?

Sniffling and Sneezing
Persistent Cough
Difficulty Sleeping
Irritated, Puffy Eyes
Facial Pain
Achy Headache
Nasal Drip

If your cold won’t seem to go away, or keeps coming back, your symptoms might be due to chronic sinus infection.

Sinus Swelling Can Lead to Infection

The sinus cavities are hollow spaces around and behind the eyes and nose. When the narrow sinus cavity openings swell, this leads to congestion, which disrupts normal sinus function and leads to stagnation. When bacteria and viruses become trapped within these blocked sinus cavities, the result is infection and pain.

Chronic Sinus Sufferer

Don’t Get Stuck in the Cycle of Chronic Sinus Pain

If you are a chronic sinus sufferer, you may have tried numerous over-the-counter (OTC) medications or decongestants. Maybe it seems like you’ve made too many trips to the doctor and were prescribed antibiotics that provided too little relief. These remedies may provide temporary relief, but meaningful, long-term relief is possible only when the root cause of sinus pain is addressed.

Are You Fed Up and Frustrated with Chronic Sinus Pain?

The most severe chronic sinus infection sufferers will experience recurrent pain several times per year. Sufferers become fed up and frustrated with feeling sick and missing important time away from work, school, and family and friends. Chronic sinus sufferers assume that sinus pain is something that they must live with. Fortunately, modern specialty treatments are available.

Sophisticated Chronic Sinusitis Treatment for Louisiana Patients

Our team of clinical sinus care specialists can diagnose the source of your sinus pain. Dr. Noel and the team of skilled ENT professionals will develop a personalized treatment plan to match each patient’s needs with the goal of achieving long-lasting sinus relief.

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